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How to Select an Appointed Paying Agent? - extended deadline
launched by Da Vinci Invest AG 19 Mar 2014

For existing and future funds Da Vinci Invest AG is looking for a new paying agent. This partner should serve as

  • the paying agent in Switzerland for Da Vinci Invest’s Luxemburg-regulated UCITS IV Funds  
  • the paying agent in Germany and Switzerland for Da Vinci Invest’s Cayman Islands- and Singapore-regulated offshore funds

How would you go about to select the paying agent? Which factors would you consider? Is there any one particular paying agent you would recommend based on your selection method?

TAGS: Hedge Fund Paying Agent High-Frequency Trading


Dinner with the CEO of Da Vinci Invest AG

Completed Challenge


Lars Gottwals


To receive a logically structured method to select the paying agent, possibly with a recommendation for a particular one.

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