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Mitigating the negative effects of gold production by giving back to communities - extended deadline
launched by Schweizer Kurantagentur AG 25 Feb 2014

Schweizer Kurantagentur AG will soon launch a new product allowing retail investors to invest in physical gold in an innovative way. Being aware of the adverse consequences that gold mining can have on local communities and the environment, Schweizer Kurantagentur AG is looking for innovative ideas on how to mitigate these negative effects. In which way could Schweizer Kurantagentur AG most effectively support local people, organizations, or societal structures to lessen the potentially negative consequences of gold exploitation? Any ideas that display a highly effective usage of a limited amount of funds to pusue this objective are appreciated.

TAGS: retail investor innovation gold social entrepreneurship


500 USD

Completed Challenge


Filon Anghel


To collect many ideas, any feedback is highly appreciated.

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